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I like water,  water falls, butterflies, lotus flowers, labrynths

Rock Maze

Mayah is a healer's healer

Eric Nielson

Mayah helps me on my healing journey 

Working with Mayah and EFT accelerated my healing process. I have seen psychotherapists for years and while they were good at diagnosis, they provide little for recovery. Mayah's consistent focused approach has molded me in beneficial ways for which I am thankful.

Ej. G

She has spent a lifetime healing her own lupus. When I neglected my own healing, she lovingly and gently helped me get back on track. She is remarkably talented at sensing what I need to hear. Mayah has deep experience balancing allopathic medicine with alternative healing modalities. At the end of the 5th session, I had a huge breakthrough and tearful catharsis followed by an unexpected kundalini awakening. I will never forget and always be grateful for having her in my life to support me. 

Forest Trees

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT works by tapping meridian points to release blocked pathways through which life energy flows to the body


Bodywork $120/hour

Therapeutic Massage

Swedish, Shiatsu,
Trigger Points, Deep Tissue

Energy Balancing Massage

Acupressure, Reiki, Biomodulator

Full Body Recharge

  Biomodulator & Biotransducer Healing Session

Emotional Balancing EFT

Meridian tapping

Pathway unblocking

Wellness Programs

Self-Care for Pain

Stretching With Bamboo

Dance Into Joy 


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